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  1. WilvanBil says:


    I’m WilvanBil, noobish Tekken player and equally noobish programmer. I wanted to ask if it’s okay to use the framedata from TTT2 that’s on your site for a program I’ve been working on. Here’s a very small and crude demo of what I’ve got.

    It’s basicly a program that allows you to search through framedata and allows you to look things up and compare moves, it actually depends on what the Tekken players want. It’s a tool to let new and existing players learn framedata on an interactive model. If you want some more information, please contact me.

    With friendly regards

    • RBN says:

      Hey! Thanks for asking! Its all good! Go ahead and use it, just remember to give us a shoutout/ link to our site in the program or website.


      With best regards:

      • ZeeTheCEO says:

        Awesome! We’re starting a new website for Tekken as well, and will be using your frame data and linking back to your site.

        Thanks for being so gracious!

  2. Enoch says:

    Hey not sure if this is still monitored but i’m currently in a app development class at my college and was curious if I could use your frame data as the base of information for my final project? Thanks in advance!

    • RBN says:

      Hey Enoch. That’s fine, just remember to give us a shoutout and a link to our site in the app.

      Wish you best of luck!

      Team RBN

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