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  1. WilvanBil says:


    I’m WilvanBil, noobish Tekken player and equally noobish programmer. I wanted to ask if it’s okay to use the framedata from TTT2 that’s on your site for a program I’ve been working on. Here’s a very small and crude demo of what I’ve got.

    It’s basicly a program that allows you to search through framedata and allows you to look things up and compare moves, it actually depends on what the Tekken players want. It’s a tool to let new and existing players learn framedata on an interactive model. If you want some more information, please contact me.

    With friendly regards

    • RBN says:

      Hey! Thanks for asking! Its all good! Go ahead and use it, just remember to give us a shoutout/ link to our site in the program or website.


      With best regards:

      • ZeeTheCEO says:

        Awesome! We’re starting a new website for Tekken as well, and will be using your frame data and linking back to your site.

        Thanks for being so gracious!

  2. Enoch says:

    Hey not sure if this is still monitored but i’m currently in a app development class at my college and was curious if I could use your frame data as the base of information for my final project? Thanks in advance!

    • RBN says:

      Hey Enoch. That’s fine, just remember to give us a shoutout and a link to our site in the app.

      Wish you best of luck!

      Team RBN

  3. Hann says:

    Hi, probably should have asked earlier, but can I use your frame data for a discord bot? It’s being actively used in the TZ discord server at the moment.

    Here’s an example of the bot in action:

    • Dakes says:

      Feel free to use it. If u could link back to rbnorway in some way it would be great also πŸ™‚ (Looks like ur doing it on the picture, but im not sure)

  4. Catlord says:

    Hello there! I’m currently working on extending my Tekken7 movelist FAQ to include useful data like attack heights, notes, and frame data. Could I please use some of your frame data? I would include credit to you, as well as post a link to the RBNorway site in the “Special Thanks” section of the movelist. Thanks!

  5. Mohan says:

    Hi there,

    Currently creating a web page which displays character frame data as well as gifs for each move. Was wondering if I could possibly use this websites current t7 frame data for this?

    Was also wondering if you have access to some json data for the character moves?

    Thank you!

    • MadCow says:

      You can use the frame data, but we get really happy if you give us some credit on your site (write where the frame data is from). Would really like to see the page when you have something to show :). I don’t have the frames in json format.

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