Thanks to MadCow for TTT2 Frame Data

This is based on translation from inatekken
Get frames and see the difference in frames from T6 to TTT2 on your Android phone : Fullversion and Demo

Alex Frame Data

Alisa Frame Data

Ancient Ogre Frame Data

Angel Frame Data

Anna Frame Data

Armor King Frame Data

Asuka Frame Data

Baek Frame Data

Bob Frame Data

Bruce Frame Data

Bryan Frame Data

Christie Frame Data

Craig Frame Data

Devil Jin Frame Data

Dr B Frame Data

Dragunov Frame Data

Eddy Frame Data

Feng Frame Data

Ganryu Frame Data

Forest Frame Data

Heihachi Frame Data

Hwoarang Frame Data

Jack 6 Frame Data

Jaycee Frame Data

Jin Frame Data

Jinpachi Frame Data

Jun Frame Data

Kazuya Frame Data

King Frame Data

Kuma/Panda Frame Data

Kunimitsu Frame Data

Lars Frame Data

Lee Frame Data

Lei Frame Data

Leo Frame Data

Lili Frame Data

Ling  Frame Data

Marshall Law Frame Data

Michelle Frame Data


Miguel Frame Data

Nina Frame Data

Ogre Frame Data

Paul Frame Data

P-Jack Frame Data

Raven Frame Data

Roger Jr. Frame Data

Sebastian Frame Data

Slim Bob Frame Data

Steve Frame Data

Tiger Frame Data

Unknown Frame Data

Violet Frame Data

Wang Frame Data

Yoshimitsu Frame Data

Zafina Frame Data

39 Responses to TTT2 FRAME DATA

  1. Shmick says:

    Hey man!

    Just wanted to say thanks for updating this page with new frame data 🙂

    If you had an iPhone app i would buy it right away!

    Take care 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Guys !!!
    You are Doing a Wonderful Job Updating the FrameDATA……..Its more Better ( I mean more readable and easy ) to understand then that FrameDATA on ATP !!!
    I play with King,Lei and Jinpachi and was shocked to see none of them in the FrameDATA list 🙁 !!! PLZ can you upload their FrameDATA
    Thank You 🙂

  3. drinmitsu says:

    i hope DLC chars will be up soon same goes for true ogre and jinpachi. thanks for this vast frame data sir. keep it up.

    • MadCow says:

      Of the DLC chars I’ve done Michelle and Angel. If someone gives me a code to download A.Ogre and Kunimitsu I’ll do them next.

  4. Stranger says:

    Appreciate the info.

    Would like it if you finished up the rest of the characters that were shipped and unlocked from the start, rather than making the hidden/DLC priority..

    Glad I recently picked up Wang ‘n Baek, cuz’ apart from Paul, all my other characters don’t have pages.
    REALLY wanna see Bruce’s frame data..

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Anon says:

    Thanks to this frame data now I know what Tekken Pro gamer do there Things

  6. Sam says:

    Hi can someone help me please what does the (TC) and (TJ) stand for in the frame data

    • MadCow says:

      The frame data usually follow the legend at Tc is technical crouch aka high crush, tj is technical jump aka low crush.

  7. Sam says:

    thanks alot bro and i seen for Bob u said ub+3 is JG and also d+3+4 JG can u please tell me what move to do to begin with my juggle or is it only for when there is a wall behind my opponent

    • MadCow says:

      I think it was wrong to translate to Juggle starters. I have changed it a bit so it is translated to Launch, not specifiying if you get a combo or not.

  8. OffInBed says:

    Mad Cow. I wanted to ask you if I could use this frame data for Tekken Chicken. I’m working on the app now and I’ve already got a link to this website and I’m giving credit to your name in the app. E-mail me at if you have any questions.

  9. boblars says:

    can anyone tell me the frames of 1+2+5(universal bound)to execute?

    • Dr.Bhup says:

      I think it’s i18. Very bad move! Launch punishable. It is also -18 on block I think. You should never ever use that shitty move! I don’t know why they even put it in the game. It does shitty damage. Why on earth would anyone ever use it??

  10. IronicIcon says:

    Some characters need that move at the wall for those who don’t have a single bound move like one of the guys i use which is Marduk. If I didn’t use that move in some situations, I could get a full wall combo.

  11. boblars says:

    r u sure that its i18? well its a useful move in some situation cuz its a launcher. u can launch some moves in the game which r really hard to launch with regular moves for some characters like 1+2+5 can launch eddy’s d/f+3+4 or asuka’s b+3 or WS+3. if i m playing steve then 1+2+5 is the move which can launch eddy’s d/f+3+4 on block.

  12. xnahzgulx says:

    This is the best frame data of TT2 congratulations. I see a section called Basic Frame Data and i was wondering if you could add a “basic wake up frame data” XD? You know PLD,KND,SLD,FCD then 3 or 4. That would be amazing, thans and great job.

    • MadCow says:

      Thank you. That is a good suggestion. We actually don’t have any generall frame data. I would also like to have data for tag-crash.
      I’ll try to look into it.

  13. […] Frame Data Tekken Tag para PC (traduçao InaTekken by Robnorway) […]

  14. StridaJin says:

    Iphone/Ipad app please!

    • MadCow says:

      IPhone app would be nice, but I currently don’t have a Mac. So I would need some support/donations.
      But at least you can view the frames through a web browser on your IPhone 🙂

  15. F0x says:

    Awsome MC, this has been great for helping me pick up MDK, STE, RVN, BRU, LAR. One thing I have noted on both Characters I currently play (DRA + AMK) oddly the DF+4 command is not in either movelist ? I checked this on PSP as its not there either in the game command list ! Just a small thing, but its odd isnt it, I wonder if the other characters are missing anything ? Note I dont mean your Frame Data is incomplete, I actually mean those moves get listed at all anywhere. It would also be great to have a small legend at he bottom of this list with the Acronyms translated. I know most, but a few like (TC)(TJ) I would have never worked out without someone commenting as above.


    – F0x

  16. Forest says:

    I wish you had included the move names. Any chance you will be updating the movelists with move names?

  17. Sadamitsu says:

    Craig and Ling are names but Dragunov is a surname, what the..!

  18. FAX says:

    Anybody know the frames on Combot’s hcb1, excellent rush? I tested it at around i16~ and -11 on block. I thought the startup was quicker, but maybe my input is not perfect, although it does seem to allow the hcf to be buffered pretty early

  19. alejandro says:

    if you add the follow snippet as new marker in google chrome this will allows filtering capabilities to the movement list… is pretty cool 😀

    copy the following test in url field of new google chrome marker. In the name field put your desired text like “Filter for rbnorways list”.

    javascript:(function(){$=jQuery;var ctl=$(“p:contains(‘Basic frame data’)”),htmlStr=ctl.html();htmlStr+=”search text ( you can set search column with @{col#} )”,ctl.html(htmlStr);var rows=$(“table tr”);rows.splice(0,1),$(“#speedFilter”).on(“change keyup paste”,function(){var a=$(this).val(),b=1;a.indexOf(“@”)!=-1&&(b=a.replace(“@”,””).split(” “)[0],a=a.replace(“@”,””).split(” “)[1]),rows.hide(),rows.filter(function(c,d){var e=$(this),f=e.children(“td:nth-child(“+b+”)”).text().toLowerCase();return f.indexOf(a)!=-1}).show()});}())

  20. alejandro says:

    after you add the marker as explain above, pick a character list and after do click in the google chrome markers and you will see a filter input field below “basic frame data” link. in these input field you can put text to filter “input” column or put @(column number) [search field] like “@4 12” to filtering moves that speed contains “12”

  21. Highlander says:

    Can’t get any of the links to work 🙁 tried my iphone, ipad, and pc

  22. Abd says:

    Hey i am new to tekken please can you tell me about frames…
    Some usefull information

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